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About The Navy League Of
The United States

The Navy League is a non-profit organization that was started in 1902 with the encouragement of then-President Teddy Roosevelt. Since its inception, the Navy League has provided a powerful voice for stronger Sea Services to Congress and the American people. The Navy League has grown into the foremost civilian organization to serve, support and stand with all of the Sea Services, the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, the US-Flag Merchant Marine and the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Our organization is dedicated to keep the American public and our government aware that we are a maritime nation and our national defense and economic well-being are dependent upon our strong sea services.

Over the years, the Navy League has compiled an impressive record of accomplishments. Navy League programs are welcomed in communities throughout the nation, and members are recognized for their integrity and patriotism. Today the Navy League is widely respected by citizens, community and industrial leaders, and public officials.

The Navy League is working to support Sea Service members and their families in 246 Councils around the world. We do this through a variety of education programs that remind our fellow citizens that the United States is a maritime nation whose national economic and security interests are inextricably tied to the freedom of the seas. Our goals are to educate our national leaders and the nation, support youth programs (United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps and NJROTC Units throughout the country). We also support the men and women of the sea services and provide assistance to their families in times of need.

Our Mission

  1. To foster and maintain interest in a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, U.S. Flag Merchant Marine and the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. as integral parts of sound national defense and vital to the freedom of the United States.
  2. To serve as a means of educating and informing the American people with regard to the role of sea power in the nuclear age and the problems involved in maintaining strong defenses in that age.
  3. To improve the understanding and appreciation of those who wear the uniforms of our armed forces and to better the conditions under which they live and serve.
  4. To provide support and recognition for the Reserve forces in our communities in order that we may continue to have a capable and responsive Reserve.
  5. To educate and train our youth in the customs and traditions of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard and the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine through the means of an active and vigorous Naval Sea Cadet Corps.